Infinity: PanO Tikbalang


Continued adventures into airbrushing.  Used preshading for the primer coat again, but used Vellejo’s transparent blue versus an ink like the Zuyong.  Playing around with the gloss shades from GW and pigment powders for some weathering on the legs.  I like how this came out, it is actually weathered and it doesn’t go overboard like some of my poor poor Tamiya tank kits.


Infinity: Panoceania Jotum

The armored monster that is the Jotum.  One of the first Infinity models i got.  This mini i took a particularly long time to paint up.  This is probably because of the extra armored plates.  I was preoccupied with trying to paint the base body even though most of it is obscured in the end.  One of my first attempts at painting white, pretty sloppy i think.  Do enjoy how the appearance came out in the end though