WH40K: Daemon Primarch Mortarion


What can i say about Mortarion? He is awesome and the studio colors really do not do him justice.  For Mortarion, I went more toward the Pre-Heresy colors.

I decided on the neon green for the smoke/fire effects because I wanted them to look more other-worldly than the rest of the model which is full of realistic earthy tones.

I really like the Silence in the right hand pose,  It is more of a looming predator than the shooty Lantern pose.

I do like the wings.  Not sure if i made them distinguished enough from the armor but i like how they came out overall.  I decided to not add the additional fly ridden plumes because i think it would have made the top and rear of Mortarion a bit too busy and would have covered the vents and backpack.

The Nurglings are the only thing I really don’t enjoy about the model.  They are just a bit too jolly and happy for the solemn feeling the rest of Mortarion has.


And finally an extra illuminated shot of Mortarion.  I love his armor and hopefully the next few Death Guard minis will be as enjoyable to paint.


Oldy Mini Showcase

Here are 3 of my older painted minis.  They are all Dreadnought-ish size and from when really did not highlight and shaded very messily.  There are also very obvious glossy areas that should be more satin and vice versa.

First one is the Helbrute from the Dark Vengeance set.  I overall like the figure but there are specific areas with very mushy details which made painting as a novice very annoying.  I also tried using a matte varnish spray can but just came out very grainy.


The Second Figure is the Deathjack for Warmachine.  I love the weight of this figure because it is entirely white metal.  This was also one of the first models where I really experienced the fragility of acrylic paint on metal.  This was before I was properly priming models also.  Might have went overboard with the blood technical paint.  He looks like he was pawing a jar of strawberry jam.p1000811p1000815p1000816

The last figure is the Daemon Prince model.  I decided to build it as a Space Marine Daemon Prince instead of a Fantasy model.  It is a pretty simply model to paint.  It is a good way to practice painting fleshy bits and armor in the same kit.  Other than that it is an okay kit, not one of my favorites though.p1000817p1000818p1000819p1000820

WH40k: Renegade Imperial Knight Part 1

Hurrah my biggest miniature project to date is half done!  This is the first of my Imperial Knights from the Imperial Knight: Renegade boxed game.  I am pretty happy with the results this.  I bought the box back in August and was slowly working on it since.  I am happy with the interchangeability of the equipment.  This was the first model I used custom decal paper with too.  Compared to the transfers from the box they were considerably thicker.  Next time i would probably only apply 1 coat of clear gloss instead of 3 because they did cause a noticeable bump after application.

I am happy with the results of the freehand to extend the black flames on the left pauldron and the Ion Shield.  There is also a bit of zigzag on the right shin plate but it is slightly obscured by the chaos star.  The only thing I am on the fence of is using the Dried Blood vallejo paint to freehand the smeared chaos star.  It fluctuates back and forth between oh it looks like blood or it looks like crayon in my mind.

Painted along with decals made Carlson793 from Bolter and Chainsword.  Made using the Fureans Legion sheet.