Primaris Inceptors

More from the Dark Imperium boxed set.  I personally like the shovel shoe look of these guys but i guess it is personal tastes.  I can see why if you have guys dropping from orbit that you need additional equipment when they land.   I did have a bit of trouble with the flight stands detaching so i had to pin them to make sure it is a tighter bond.



WH40k: Primaris Lieutenants



Here are the Lieutenants from the Dark Imperium boxed set.  I basically used these guys as the coloring template for the rest of the normal Primaris marines in my army.  I really like these guys because while they look like Intercessors they have the little accents to make them a little more special.

WH40k: Primaris Apothecary


One of my Favorite Primaris minis.  His base with the dead marine along with the little options to change his backpack tools.  I do like how he is so uninterested in the battle to look at the gland he just freshly ripped out.

I also changed the all white with a single shoulder pad in chapter colors so i decided to have white colored armor plates instead.  He still looks like an apothecary but also very much a Minotaur


40K: Primaris Captain in Gravis

One of the first minis I painted from the Dark Imperium boxed set.  I really liked the look of all the minis in the set.  I painted a bunch more, but I’ve been working on them constantly instead of posting anything new here.


This is the first time I used shapeways shoulder emblems and they are pretty detailed.  I wished I glued them more intelligently when i first got them though.  Instead of the smart way of doing it, I put glue on the tiny emblem in between my fingers which ended up on my fingers also, then tried to place it properly on the shoulder in the few seconds the zap-a-gap dries and glues it in place.

Since then I figured out that placing the emblem in place first then using zap-a-gap’s thin consistency to flow between the shoulder and emblem way better.  Just have to quickly wick away the excess and then do a little scraping for clean up.  Sadly on this mini i got the emblems after i painted everything else.