Hordes: LoE Blight Bringer

My first Colossal from Hordes.  I really liked the langolier-esque look of the Blight Bringer.  I really liked this kit overall but because it is biological it needed a pinning and a decent application of greenstuff to fill the holes between the front arms and the main body.

I decided to strip the paint from the other everblight warbeasts because of the colors I chose to paint this.  I have yet to base this model because while stripping the other warbeasts it damaged the basing I had previously had on them so now I have a blank slate to base them.



Hordes Molik Karn

Another old painted Warmahorde Mini.  Painted it in the same style as The Butcher from before.  Tried my hand at a couple new things.  A more serengeti themed base which is more complicated than just smearing some sand effect paint on a base.  Also tried a bit more intricate painting like painting gem effects and a greying hair