WH40K: Daemon Primarch Mortarion


What can i say about Mortarion? He is awesome and the studio colors really do not do him justice.  For Mortarion, I went more toward the Pre-Heresy colors.

I decided on the neon green for the smoke/fire effects because I wanted them to look more other-worldly than the rest of the model which is full of realistic earthy tones.

I really like the Silence in the right hand pose,  It is more of a looming predator than the shooty Lantern pose.

I do like the wings.  Not sure if i made them distinguished enough from the armor but i like how they came out overall.  I decided to not add the additional fly ridden plumes because i think it would have made the top and rear of Mortarion a bit too busy and would have covered the vents and backpack.

The Nurglings are the only thing I really don’t enjoy about the model.  They are just a bit too jolly and happy for the solemn feeling the rest of Mortarion has.


And finally an extra illuminated shot of Mortarion.  I love his armor and hopefully the next few Death Guard minis will be as enjoyable to paint.