WH40k: Primaris Lieutenants



Here are the Lieutenants from the Dark Imperium boxed set.  I basically used these guys as the coloring template for the rest of the normal Primaris marines in my army.  I really like these guys because while they look like Intercessors they have the little accents to make them a little more special.


WH40k: Primaris Apothecary


One of my Favorite Primaris minis.  His base with the dead marine along with the little options to change his backpack tools.  I do like how he is so uninterested in the battle to look at the gland he just freshly ripped out.

I also changed the all white with a single shoulder pad in chapter colors so i decided to have white colored armor plates instead.  He still looks like an apothecary but also very much a Minotaur