WH40K Tyranid Swarmlord

This is an older painted figure of mine.  I was trying get an iridescent effect by using some pearl powders.  Tried various different things to get the effect to look half decent.  At first I tested mixing the pearl powder into some Future but this gave a really splotchy effect on a piece of test sprue because I tried brushing it on.  Because the airbrush was not an option i then used a thinned blue paint as the base to lessen the splotchy effect.  After a couple layers of this version of the pearled paint it dried to slightly chalky finish so i added a coat of thinned gloss varnish on top to try to get rid of that. Still ended up a bit chalky.

Next time I want to try airbrushing the pearl and future mixture on top of a base color so it covers more evenly.  Maybe one day mister Swarmlord will be put in the old ultrasonic, but I still enjoy how he turned out.



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