Infinity Umbra Samaritan

With this final mini my Xeodron Haris is complete (not that i really know what that means).  This was the mini that made me REALLY want to start collecting Combined Army.  I do like the ghostly/smokey effect of this guy’s sculpt.  I am planning on really learning how to play Infinity past the first couple of missions from Operation Icestorm after painting up a bunch more minis.  I like the design and appearance of the Infinity miniatures I dove right in and got a bunch of minis from a load of factions.  Being primarily a Painter/model maker I don’t mind too much not knowing how to play initially.




AoS Lord Relictor

The Lord Relictor from the starter box also.  Really like the design, it is basically a fantasy Space Marine chaplain.  The banner is very unique also being basically a open coffin.  Not too many new techniques put into this compared to the Lord Celestant except for more bones to paint since they adorn a lot of different parts of the mini.


AoS Lord Celestant

This is the Lord Celestant from the Age of Sigmar starter box.  It was nice to try out the new Retributor Armor paint from the Citadel line.  It gives a nice gleaming gold and is a a much truer hue of gold than the older Bathasar one.  This is a great model for practicing both armor and painting lizard scales.  I am pretty fond of the designs for the Stormcasts but it is probably because I like the Space Marine-esque look of them.


Infinty Xeodron Batroid

The first mini I painted up for my future Combined Army.  The two Xeodron Batroid TAGs are such an impressive mini.  I love the bio-organic creature aspect of them.  I tried a couple new things with these minis.  My first time trying to do black armor, my first attempt to make a thematic/Alien base, and first time varnishing a mini at all.  I really enjoy how it turned out, but i could always do with some critique!